Happy Bridesmaids - Bridesmaid Questions Answered

Choosing and spending time with bridesmaids is one of the most joyful parts of a wedding—but what should you do about those delicate bridesmaid questions?

Bridesmaid Body Types

One of the biggest mistakes that brides make is falling in love with a certain bridesmaid dress before considering their bridesmaids’ body types. Keep your bridal party’s body types in mind, and look for styles that will flatter each of their frames. You don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable on your big day. If your bridesmaids each have very different body types, consider choosing mix and match dress styles, which are very popular.

Out-Of-Town Bridesmaids

You may have bridesmaids coming in from out of town, and are wondering who’s supposed to pay for their accommodations. Generally, bridesmaids are responsible for paying for their own travel arrangements and hotel or Air BnB. However, this isn’t as widely known as you may think—so if you ask a friend who lives out of town to be a bridesmaid, make sure she knows all of the costs before she decides to be your bridesmaid. Or, if you really want her in your wedding but she can’t afford this, consider making it part of the wedding budget. Better yet, see if she can stay with you or another friend while she’s in town.

Bridesmaid Gifts

It’s traditional—and good taste—to give your bridesmaids a gift. This is a small thank-you to them for being part of such an important milestone in your life, and for spending their own money to pay for certain things. Every bride chooses something different for her bridesmaids. It can be something for them to wear on the wedding day, such as a necklace, or something fun, like an engraved flask. Some brides do “bridesmaid bags” and include several things, such as lotions, chocolate, lingerie, makeup, etc. The price range for bridesmaid gifts will vary according to your budget, but anywhere from $25-$100 is a good idea.

Watch the video below for tips on keeping your bridesmaids happy:

Expensive Bridesmaid Dresses

If you’re having your bridesmaids each pay for their own bridesmaid dress, don’t ask them to break the bank. They’ll already be spending money on your gifts, showers, the bachelorette party, and—if they live out of town—travel arrangements. This can add up to a lot of expenses, and asking them to buy a $300 bridesmaid dress on top of that may be asking a bit too much. If you’ve already fallen in love with a certain bridesmaid dress that’s pricey, consider offering to pay half or some of the cost for each bridesmaid to help out.

Pregnant Bridesmaids

If you’re afraid to ask a close friend or family member to be a bridesmaid because they will be very pregnant at the time of your wedding, the best thing to do is to simply talk to her and make some decisions. Obviously she won’t know exactly how she’ll feel physically on your wedding day, but you can determine together if she may need to sit down during the ceremony—and if so, if it may be better for her to just be an honorary bridesmaid. Or, she may have been pregnant before and thinks she’ll be fine standing up next to you during the ceremony. You’ll also need to consider her bridesmaid dress for her tummy. Go over possibilities together, and figure it out from there.

Remember to relax and not become overwhelmed or stressed when dealing with sensitive bridesmaid questions. It’s your wedding, and no matter where you’re feeling pressure coming from, it’s important to enjoy the planning process as much as you can.

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