Wedding Send Off Ideas - Silly String Attack

The wedding send off after the reception is always one of the best things about the wedding day. The couple is freshly married, everyone’s had a great time eating, dancing, and hanging out, and now everyone wants to watch the big exit—preferably while throwing or waving something. But what’s the best choice for wedding send off “accessories”?

Rice has long been dismissed from wedding send offs due to risk of accidents (after all, thrown rice is essentially just hard little tubes sitting on the ground just waiting for people in high heels to trip over), and sparklers and bubbles have been done to death. So what else is there out there? Here are a few ideas.

Ice Cream Sprinkles

Similar to rice, but much more colorful! Ice cream sprinkles will automatically create a festive atmosphere, and they look great in photographs. Plus, your guests can pop a delicious few in their mouth before the wedding send off!

Jingle Bells

Tiny jingle bells make for a very sweet-sounding wedding send off, and everyone gets to contribute to this magical tinkling farewell. Besides this, according to Celtic tradition, bells at the wedding send off bring good luck to the newlyweds.

Rose Petals

What’s more romantic than roses? They’re sweet, pretty, they smell good, and they show up beautifully in photos. Plus they’re soft, and there’s no risk of the regular concerns that people tend to have with other send off items.

Popped Popcorn

So fun! Popped popcorn is light, visually appealing, and very celebratory. It’s also a unique idea that isn’t seen too often, so there will be an element of surprise, too!

Autumn Leaves

A great choice for a fall wedding, pretty autumn leaves will be cinematic and romantic. Autumn leaves have bright colors that show up to make wedding pictures dazzling, and they’re all natural—so no cleanup or concern necessary.

Wedding Send Off Ideas - Autumn Leaves

Silly String

May sound messy, but everyone knows how silly string is: it dries just fine. It makes for a very exciting and playful wedding send off, and looks fun in photos. If you’re doubtful about this one, buy one can and play with it at home to see what you think.

Paper Airplanes

You can make them any color or pattern you want to match your wedding theme, and they actually look great in photos! Guests will also have fun throwing them around.

Wedding Send Off Ideas - Paper AirplanesConfetti Poppers

Confetti itself is a common wedding send off accessory, but if you get confetti poppers, it adds a whole other element of celebration and excitement to the wedding exit.

Sky Lanterns

A truly magical wedding send off idea. This one is rare, unique, and so romantic. If you’re having a nighttime wedding and your reception venue allows for wish lanterns, consider this lovely option.

Wedding Send Off Ideas - Sky Lanterns

Pom Poms

A classic celebratory item, small pom poms on sticks are a great wedding send off accessory. They look fun in photos, and they also make a great souvenir/favor for your guests.

Glow Sticks

Party time! Glow sticks are bright and colorful—making a perfect choice for a wedding send off if you have a nighttime reception. Whether your guests actually toss them or simply wave them around, glow sticks are a fun choice.

Wedding Send Off Ideas - Glow Sticks

At Signature Banquet Hall, we’ve seen many different wedding send off ideas from many different couples. They’re always beautiful, but it’s extra special when an idea is unique and personal, too. If you’re currently in the middle of making wedding plans like these and you’re looking for your perfect Los Angeles wedding venue, please feel free to look at our banquet hall and ask any questions you may have. We’re excited to hear from you!