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Every bride experiences something different when they go wedding dress shopping. Some get very emotional and cry tears of joy and disbelief, whiles others simply smile and ask where they can pay. The fact is, there is no right or wrong way to react when you’ve found the dress; just because you don’t cry, doesn’t mean you didn’t find your dream dress that was always meant for you. However, there are some signals that can tell you to say no to the dress.

It’s at the Top End of Your Budget

When many brides come into the bridal salon with a budget in mind, they haven’t considered all of the extra costs that come with buying a wedding gown. It’s important to factor into your budget the taxes and alterations that will inevitably come. Not to mention, any accessories like a beaded belt, veil, or special neckpiece to complete your dream ensemble. If there are certain features you know you want as a part of your wedding outfit, do your research first and look into how much those alterations and additions typically cost.

It Needs Many Changes

It’s perfectly okay to have your own unique ideas for your dress to make it your own. But if the dress you’re considering needs major changes to get it there, you should probably keep looking. Major alterations are always risky because they may or may not create the end result you have in your head. What you’re wanting may not be possible, even if it seems likely in the store. Additionally, what you envision and are trying to explain may not be what the bridal consultant is envisioning. This doesn’t mean that major alterations never turn out; many of them result in a stunning creation. But if you’re not comfortable picturing it, it is probably best to move on.

You’re Being Pressured into Buying

One of the main reasons why many bridal consultants recommend brides only bring a small group with them to try on dresses, or simply their mom, is to avoid the overwhelming amount of varying opinions, and ones that clash especially. For starters, if you have any family members or friends with strong opinions that you know they won’t hold back, you may want to consider not inviting them to your appointment. If a dress doesn’t really feel like you, or someone is pressuring you into buying it, then it is advisable to walk away and take at least a day to think about it.

It’s Greatly Marked Down

Looking for your wedding dress is not the time to bargain hunt. While you can find some great dresses marked down, you should follow the rule that if you wouldn’t buy it full price, then don’t buy it on sale. The thought of saving money may make you feel good in the moment, but you may realize later on that it isn’t the dress you truly imagined for your wedding after all.

It’s Too Big or Too Small

While it may be tempting to believe that you’ll be committed to a strict diet during your engagement to achieve a rockin’ bod for your wedding, you shouldn’t count on losing weight to fit into a wedding gown. You will be celebrating throughout your engagement and you simply can’t predict how and if your body weight will fluctuate. If a dress is only about an inch too big or too small, you should be just fine. But remember to consider the shape and fabric type of the dress, and keep in mind that it is easier to take in a dress than it is to take it out.

It Doesn’t Match the Weather of Your Wedding Day

You will most likely have a few (or many) ideas of how you want your dress to look going into your shopping appointments, but it is also important to consider the climate you will be getting married in. A heavy satin dress is probably not the best choice for a beach ceremony, especially if the date of your wedding is during a typically hot and humid time of year.

Wedding dress shopping should be a fun experience. Bring your ideas and some research to your wedding dress appointments and keep these tips in mind to know when you should walk away from a potential dress.