The ring is firmly on the finger, and now you get to gather your friends and family together for your engagement party! Depending on your combined personalities as a couple and your idea of fun, the engagement party can be anything from a high-end black-tie affair to a more casual, laid-back gathering. No matter what, just make sure you plan a party that will celebrate your love and make you both happy. If you’re looking for a little creative direction and some quick power tips for your engagement party planning, check out our tips below!

To Theme Or Not Theme?

Lots of couples these days are choosing to have themed engagement parties instead of more formal and traditional events. This can still be classy, like with a “chocolate and champagne” party, or it can be silly and light, like with a luau theme, or it can be somewhere in between, like with a “famous couples in history” party.

Or, if you want some sort of a theme but want to keep it fairly simple, you can hold a simple wine tasting party. Or if you already know your wedding colors (unlikely, but hey—some couples have been thinking about this since they started dating!), one idea is to use those colors as a big theme for your engagement party.

Be Smart About Inviting

Whether you go traditional with your invites and physically mail them out or you invite your guests on Facebook, make sure to give people enough of a heads-up. This is a critical part of engagement party planning in order to make sure everyone knows in time. Three weeks before the engagement party is normal, but some couples choose to send them out a month beforehand. And as a general rule of thumb, don’t invite anyone to the engagement party that you’re not inviting to the wedding.

Serve Creatively

At an engagement party, there’s usually no need for a big sit-down meal. Most couples decide to just serve hors d’oeuvres or have fruit tables and desserts. A fun way to get creative with this is to serve foods that say something about you as a couple—such as catering from your favorite restaurant together, or maybe the restaurant where you had your first date. Some couples decide to serve their favorite foods from your childhoods, like French fries and PB&Js!

If you want a certain type of catering, consider building your party around that. For example, if you want super-yummy Mexican food, create a “Mexican fiesta” with traditional Mexican music, décor, and outfits.
And as far as sweets, if you want to serve something instead of the regular expected cake/cupcakes, try something a little more trendy and unpredictable, like macaron ice cream sandwiches, loop churros, or mini mason jar apple pies.

Make Sure Attire Direction Is Clear

These days, “engagement party” can mean anything from a fancy champagne event to a backyard barbecue. Because both formal and casual engagement parties are common, it’s important to let your guests know what they should wear. This is usually one of the first questions that guests will ask after being invited. No one wants to show up to a beachside engagement party in an evening gown, so make sure the attire direction is clear to everyone. It may seem trivial, but this is an important part of engagement party planning.

Inform Guests About Gifts

Gifts are usually reserved for the bridal shower and the actual wedding, but many people still think they need to bring a present to the engagement party. Because of this common misunderstanding, it’s a good idea to say somewhere on the invitation that gifts are not expected at the engagement party. The last thing you want are guests who feel awkward at your party because they brought something, or didn’t.

At Signature Banquet Hall, we have hosted many engagement parties for happy couples and their guests. From the fanciest to the most casual, the events are always beautiful and memorable. If you’re starting your engagement party planning and you’re interested in holding your party at our beautiful Los Angeles event venue, contact us today to learn about pricing and availability.