wedding colors

Picking your wedding colors can be a daunting task. When you tell people that you are engaged, one of the first questions many ask is “What are your colors”? This can put undue pressure on a bride to pick the “perfect” colors.  With so many options to choose from today, and bridal magazines and websites full of suggestions on what a perfect wedding should look like, it can be hard to make a decision. Here are some hints to help you narrow down the endless choices of colors for your wedding.

Consider Your Venue

Before you start picking colors, you might want to decide where you are going to hold your wedding and reception.  If your wedding venue has an odd carpet color or a palette of beiges, you may want to look at ways to coordinate your colors with the style of the venue to either bring attention away from the odd carpet or liven up a sea of beige. This may be particularly obvious if you are holding your wedding in a church. Often churches are carpeted with dark colors and are decorated to represent a particular holiday or time of religious significance.

Get Inspired by the Four Seasons

You may want to think about selecting colors that are representative of the season.  If you are planning a spring wedding, you may want to use light, pastel colors that are easy and fresh.  This will give your wedding a light and airy feel, perfect for springtime.  If you are planning a fall wedding, consider deep, jewel tones of reds, oranges, and purples. And if you are getting married around a particular holiday, you may want to select colors that will go with the typical colors and decorations for that holiday.  Coordinating based on the season will also help you get flowers in season and readily available, which can get you more blooms for your money.

Set the Mood

If you are wanting your wedding to have a particular “feel” you may want to select colors that fit that feeling.  Perhaps you want an afternoon wedding and want it to feel easy and relaxed.  You may want to consider light and bright yellows and greens. These colors will give your event a light and fun feel.  If your wedding is a black-tie evening affair, you may want to select deep jewel tones like crimsons and purples. Deep colors will give a sophisticated, elegant feel to your wedding.

Check the Color Wheel

We all remember the color wheel from elementary school. It tells us what colors complement and contrast each other. If you have selected a primary color as your favorite but want to have accent hues for small details, look at a color wheel to see what goes well with your main color.

Pick What You Love

This is really what matters most. If you love greens and blues, and it’s your dream to have these as your wedding colors, you should pick them. Don’t forget to ask your husband-to-be what he likes, as well. He may surprise you with a color that will work perfectly with what you’ve been dreaming of.  You may be bombarded with suggestions from friends, family, websites, and magazines, but at the end of the day, this wedding is your day, and it should be reflective of your and your fiancé’s personalities and preferences. If you get overwhelmed with the choices, go back to what matters most. You.

Don’t let the process of picking colors overwhelm you, before you even get started planning. Take cues from nature, your venue, and what you love. If you are still struggling, talk to a wedding planner and they can help you narrow your choices and select a palette you are sure to love.