When it comes to decorating your wedding venue and making it a unique experience for your guests, often times, the small touches and unexpected details are what add up to make the biggest impact. They are often what guests end up talking about afterwards and going “Oh, that was so cool! I haven’t seen that at other weddings.” And what bride wouldn’t secretly pride herself on achieving that? Here are ten details you can do at your wedding to boost the wow factor with minimal effort and cost.

Fun Throw Pillows

If the venue you’re having your reception at has lounge furniture or you’re renting a few pieces, they may feel a bit like something is missing to really make them stand out as a unique feature. Adding colorful throw pillows can give them a customized design that ties into the look and feel of your wedding.


If you chose not to go with the been-there-done-that photo booth trend, but you still want to encourage guests to capture their experience on your special day, a fun thing to offer are instant cameras. The old-school polaroid pictures will create the coolest photo album later on and you’ll have a blast seeing all your family and friends being themselves while celebrating your big day.

Pretty Napkins for the Bar

Napkins are a must-have for guests at the bar area but they don’t have to be plain and boring. Kick it up a notch by choosing patterned or customized cocktail napkins from Etsy to snazzy up the bar area.

drink napkin

Fun Drink Signs

For each speciality cocktail that you are offering at the bar, create or have an artist design fun signs to display the name of each concoction and what is in it. This will speed up the time guests have to wait to get their drinks because they can read the options and decide what they want while waiting in line.

Custom Coasters

Unique touches help to make your wedding even more special and can double as guest favors. Get drink coasters printed with the details of your wedding or with your monogram to go with each drink poured and for guests to take home afterward.

Unique Champagne Glasses

If you’re planning an elegant, vintage-inspired wedding, then you need the glassware to go with the style. Find champagne glasses in a unique style and shape that is reminiscent of the art deco era to add elegance and sophistication.

vintage champagne glasses

Restroom Accessories

The bathroom isn’t exactly the most thought of part in a wedding venue but remembering certain amenities will go a long way to make your guests feel special and taken care of. Garnish the powder room with pretty hand towels, candles, fresh flowers, mints, and other products for the ladies to freshen up and you’ll have all the makings for the type of experience offered at celebrity events.

Beautiful Ring Box

When you planned out all the pictures you want your photographer to take on your wedding day, did you remember the glamour shots of your ring? Maybe you have thought of everything, but you may not have remembered to consider the best way to stage your ring. Purchase a statement ring box to really make your jewels pop.

ring in ring box

Pre-Ceremony Drinks

Whether you’re getting married inside or outside, it’s a classy touch to offer guests refreshments while they wait for you to walk down the aisle. You can offer water, iced tea, or lemonade to make your guests feel comfortable and taken care of.

Fun Transportation

If the ceremony and reception are taking place at different venues, your guests will need to figure out how they will be getting to both locations. Make the decision easy for them, avoid guests having to pay for transportation, and give them a fun experience all at the same time by renting a unique mode of transportation like a party bus or trolley and put together a playlist for guests to get in party mode.

wedding trolley

What ideas do you like best from this list? Whatever way you choose to customize and finalize your big day, make it fun, unique, and totally you. Your guests will never forget the attention to detail you put into creating a fabulous wedding and overall experience.

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