father of the bride 2

Many brides looking back on their wedding wish they would have included their father more in the process. After all, he is the first man you ever loved and you will always be his baby girl. But how can you involve him when you know dress shopping isn’t exactly his cup of tea? Follow our tips and assign these tasks to him that he will be happy to help with.

Picking out the Music

The music is one of the least girly things that’ll take place at your wedding and when you’re planning your playlist is the perfect time to involve dad. Ask him to choose a song he feels is meaningful for your dance together. This moment during your wedding is one of the most special you get to spend with your dad, so allowing him to choose the song will mean a lot to him. Also, ask him to schedule a few dance lessons for you to attend and that’ll be a fun activity to do together before the wedding.

DIY Projects

From welcome signs to road signs to hanging lights to creating the ceremony backdrop, there are many projects you’ll need to accomplish before the big day to cover all your bases. And dads are exceptionally good at making something out of a hunk of materials. He’ll be thrilled for the excuse to pull out his tools and get creating. Everywhere you look on your wedding, you’ll see touches of your dad.

Seating Assignments

This might be a task you’re not exactly looking forward to, but a puzzle-loving, problem-solving dad might! Figuring out the seating chart is something for the logic mind and will be perfect for your dad to plan out. And when the big day comes and you’re busy getting ready, your dad can be helping the event coordinators set up the layout properly. Thanks dad!

Transporting Goods

Most guys love cars and they love driving, so assigning your dad with the task of picking up the various goods like the cake, rented plates, post-wedding brunch items, and more will be a match made in heaven. And besides picking up goods, your dad can also take on figuring out your transportation for the day, like helping you find the perfect getaway car for your send-off. He may have some insight into any car rental companies or vintage car clubs if you’re interested in a retro exit, and he’ll be the best person to tag along.

Figuring out the Accommodations

Quite often brides will set aside a block of rooms at a few nearby hotels for out-of-town guests. Calling the hotels and making these arrangements is a great task for dad. Dads tend to be level-headed, practical guys and will be less likely to get overwhelmed when speaking with the hotel employee and figuring out all the logistics.

Selecting the Alcohol

Okay, what guy doesn’t like anything to do with alcohol? If your dad enjoys his beer, bourbon, and whiskey, he’ll be the perfect go-to person to handle making the orders for the alcohol. Chances are, he knows the beverage company to call and the guy to talk to and ask recommendations for selection and quantity. If your dad is somewhat of an alcohol connoisseur, then he may be the perfect person to help create the signature cocktails as well. And even if he’s not a big drinker, this kind of number crunching and ordering will be a great task for dad to handle and may offer great bonding time between him and your groom.

Setting up Pre and Post Wedding Events

If your wedding is more like a weekend and not just a day, then you’ll need to put in some time to consider how you’ll entertain guests. While the women in the family will most likely be taking care of the food and pampering, your dad can invite the guys to a golfing or bike riding event to get them involved.

Activity Ideas for Guests Pre-Reception

Many brides and grooms schedule their photos during the time between the ceremony and the reception. And if you’re deciding not to have a cocktail hour, or there is some lag time between when it starts and the end of the ceremony, you’ll want to offer guests a list of ideas and places to go during this limbo. Ask dad to come up with activities for guests to enjoy and kill time before the reception begins. He may think about casual restaurants for a bite to eat if guests are starving and can’t wait, a favorite ice cream shop, or even just a park to relax for a bit.

Wedding Day Chores

The days leading up to the wedding will have you and your mom in a whirlwind getting last minute things done, checking up on any vendors, picking up any goods, making any DIY crafts, and the list goes on. Much attention won’t be placed on normal, tedious chores around the house and you and your mom can surely use a hand during this time. In comes dad; while you’re busy, he can make sure the plants and flowers get watered, the grass gets mowed, pets get taken care of, and more. Your mom is bound to have her own list of chores for him..

Greeting Guests and Saying a Toast

Once everything is put into place and the big day finally arrives, your dad will surely be honored to play host, greet and thank guests, and stand up and give a heart-filled speech. Not all dads show their emotions very much, but no matter how macho your dad is, he will love nothing more than expressing his love for you and how he feels on this very special day that, believe it or not, he’s been thinking about for a long time. So make sure that he knows that you’d love for him to give a toast at the reception.

All it takes is some thought into what makes your dad so great to have around, and you’ll find plenty of ways, like the ideas listed here, to involve him in your wedding that reaches so much further than asking for another check. He will love you taking the time to consider him and the fact that you want him to be a part of your big day.