Confetti At Wedding Reception

Looking for a few fun and unexpected ideas for your wedding reception? From unique ways to have your guests interacting to keeping them comfy between dances, here are eight great ideas to put a unique spin on your wedding reception.

Planning For Kids

Baskets of crayons, teepees, Legos, a piñata—there are many ways to keep the kids entertained at your wedding reception! It all just depends on how you want to do it. The key is to have something in place for them to do during the long hours of a reception. Some couples even choose to hire a babysitter or children’s entertainer to keep the kids happy in a separate “kid zone” area during their wedding reception. This area can be set up with art tables, movies, video games, snacks, or whatever else is perfect for a kid party!

Unique Wedding Music

If you’re having a live band, consider something a little less ordinary. A mariachi band doing pop hits is a blast. A small group of gospel singers singing theme songs from romantic movies is awesome. A mini a cappella group singing several of the couple’s favorite tunes is brilliant. A unique twist on live reception music can take your party to the next level.

Have A “Chillout” Area

When your guests want to take a moment and mingle between dances and the loud music, having a welcoming lounge area off to the side is a great option. This will help your guests take a relaxing breather while still feeling like they’re party of the party. An ideal lounge area should be quiet(ish), should have comfortable seating, and should be relatively close to the rest of the reception.


Couples who have tried this service love it. SpeechBooth is a technology service that allows wedding guests to record messages, memories, toasts, or anything else they want on a video for the happy couple. The company sends you a lightweight box via mail that includes the minimal equipment you’ll need, then you just set it up and go! After the reception, you take the equipment apart again, mail it back to SpeechBooth, and they will send your edited video back to you within 30 days. Voilà! You will have a personalized video with well wishes from your wedding guests!

Unexpected Confetti

Having the option for confetti to drop at some point of the reception is great! The big moment can happen during a particularly popular song that has everyone on the dance floor, or perhaps during the couple’s first dance (if it’s upbeat!). Confetti out of nowhere is always a big crowd-pleaser.

Surprise Entertainment

Having a show-stopping entertainer will always be popular at wedding receptions. Whether it’s a choreographed dance number arranged by the bridesmaids, a fun wedding magician, an opera singer, or even fireworks, having something unique and different for the wedding reception will have everyone talking for months!

Wedding Favor Photo Ops

Colorful mustaches, heart-shaped sunglasses, Hawaiian leis, baseball caps with the couples’ initials—wedding favors can be fun and wearable! By giving out wedding favors that can be worn immediately, you’ll have plenty of fun photos of your guests enjoying them.

Customized Wedding Favor Sunglasses

Midnight Snacks

Long after the caterers have packed up and gone, very often the wedding reception continues to go, go, go. Treat your remaining guests to a delicious late-night snack! You can arrange for a popular food truck to swing by, or you can have someone deliver whatever you’d like. Trust us—your guests will be very appreciative.

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