Wedding Traditions - Bride And Groom Tied Hands

Weddings are full of traditions of all kinds. Some of these traditions are historic, some are silly. Some are romantic, and others are superstitious. But no matter what, each one is meaningful in some way or another. Take a look below to learn about some wedding traditions you may not know about…


Where did the diamond engagement trend start? With Archduke Maximillian of Austria—in 1477. This flashy guy commissioned the first diamond engagement ring ever recorded for Mary of Burgundy.

Queen Victoria was the first recorded bride to wear a wedding dress. Before she started this tradition in 1840, brides just wore whatever their best dress happened to be.

Speaking of Queen Victoria, she also began the “cake topper couple” wedding tradition…on her 300-pound wedding cake!


Maybe rain’s not so bad after all! According to Hindu tradition, rain on your wedding day is actually considered good luck. It’s believed to represent fertility and cleansing.

Because a pearl looks similar to a teardrop, pearl engagement rings are believed to be bad luck.

In Greece, many brides put a sugar cube into their wedding glove or bouquet. This is believed to “sweeten” their marriage.

Lace Wedding Gloves - Wedding Traditions - Sugar Cubes

The wedding tradition of matching bridesmaids dresses goes back to Roman times, it was thought that evil spirits might attend the wedding and try to curse the bride and groom. To confuse these evil spirits, bridesmaids were required to dress exactly like the bride. (Obviously, over time the bride stands apart from her bridesmaids, but hey! Trivia!)

Are you having a groom’s cake at your wedding? Legend says that any single woman who sleeps with a piece of it under her pillow will dream of her future husband. Sounds like it could get messy…

Creepy crawly! In England, finding a spider in your wedding gown is meant to bring good luck.


Instead of traditional rice, the wedding tradition for Czech newlyweds is for peas to be thrown at them.

Because ancient Greeks and Romans thought that evil spirits would be jealous of the bride’s happiness, the wedding tradition of her wearing a veil was born. This was thought to keep the evil spirits at bay.

Bride With Veil Over Face

In many countries, the bride and groom’s hands are literally tied together during the wedding ceremony to represent the newlyweds’ commitment to each other and their new bond in marriage.


Have you ever wondered what the most expensive wedding of all time was? The wedding of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Princess Salama Dubai in May 1981 is reported to have cost $44 million ($100 million by today’s standards).

On average, 7,000 couples get married each day in the U.S.—and 300 of those are in Las Vegas.

On the subject of Las vegas, Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve are the two busiest marriage days in the state. Guess people are feeling extra romantic on those days?

Watch below for more wedding traditions, trivia, superstitions, and facts:

As you’re planning your own wedding, keep some of these wedding traditions and superstitions in mind—it may be fun to add a sugar cube to your wedding ensemble! And don’t forget, if you’re in the middle of wedding planning and you’re looking for the perfect Los Angeles wedding venue, see what we have to offer at Signature Banquet Hall. We have hosted many stunning wedding receptions, and we’d love to host yours. Check our availability, or simply contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to speaking with you!