Happy Birthday! 6 Fun Ideas For Your Adult Birthday Party

Celebrating your birthday as an adult can be a bit tricky. For whatever reason, many think that big, bold parties are only for kids, but why should they have all the fun?

Your adult birthday party is the perfect excuse to bring your friends and family together for some serious fun. And you should feel free to indulge in delicious food, delectable drinks, and much more. If you’re looking for some help planning your party you’re in luck, because the event experts at Signature Banquet Hall are here with some fun adult birthday party ideas.

Check out some adult birthday party ideas in the video below: 

1. Have A DIY Cocktail Bar

Your birthday party won’t be complete without some delicious cocktails. But instead of hiring a bartender for the evening, you could save some money and have tons of fun by setting up a DIY cocktail bar. Just pick some colorful decorations for your bar, stock up on some premium liquor, and you’re set.

Best of all, a DIY cocktail bar will encourage your guests to interact with each other and really get the party started.

2. Provide Unique Parting Gifts

Remember getting party favors or goody bags at birthday parties when you were a kid? Well, consider bringing the favors back to your party as an adult! Everyone loves getting a little something to take home, and providing a unique parting gift will help create lasting memories of the birthday party for your friends.

3. Have Some Fun Desserts

You’ve probably had a cake at every birthday party you’ve attended, so why not try something different? Changing things up with some fun desserts will bring a welcome change of pace to your birthday party. Instead of cake, why not try some pie? Or donuts? Let your imagination run wild with your dessert menu, giving guests something bold and exciting to enjoy at your party.

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4. Plan Something For The Kids Too

Adult parties are a great time but remember, at least a few of your guests probably have kids. Getting a babysitter for the night of a party can be a hassle, so why not help your friends out and have something going on for the kids too? Consider setting up a “kids zone” at your party, hiring a babysitter to watch all your friends kids and keep them occupied while you all have some fun.

5. Don’t Forget A Photo Booth

Photo booths have become a party must-have in recent years, and for good reason. Everyone loves to take photos for social media, and providing a photo booth is the perfect way for your friends to get those much-coveted snapshots while making memories at your party. Set up a corner of your party with a camera and some fun props to help you friends take some unforgettable photos.

6. Cater With Seasonal Options

Adult parties need adult catering options. You can’t just give your guests some mozzarella sticks and hope for the best. Consider catering your party with some delicious seasonal options, providing your party with some exciting food options that will really elevate the whole experience.

Fun birthday parties aren’t just for kids, and with some creative planning your adult birthday party will be seriously awesome. And if you’re looking for a birthday party venue in the Los Angeles area, be sure to consider Signature Banquet Hall. Our event venue offers luxurious accommodations at an affordable price, and is perfect for birthday parties, corporate events, weddings, and more. Contact Signature Banquet Hall today for more information on booking and availability.