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Long after your wedding day has passed, when you’ve had kids or maybe even grandkids, you’ll be looking at your wedding photos, reminiscing of that momentous day in your life. The pictures provide a gateway to your past, and spark up fond memories of that special time in your life. And the better the photos, the better your memories will be captured. Getting the right photographer is all about getting the right fit. You can’t just pick anyone—it’s very important to do your research to find the person who best matches what you’re looking for. Here are some important questions to ask your wedding photographer before you hire them.

Will you be my photographer - wedding photographer

1. Will You Be My Wedding Photographer?

If you’re dealing with a larger studio that has multiple photographers, it’s important to know specifically who will be the one taking the photos. You might be dealing with an owner or a sales representative during the first meeting. If it’s a studio with multiple photographers, make sure know precisely who will be doing the shooting, and what their work looks like. If you’re dealing with the owner of a company who does not have other photographers on staff, then no need to worry about asking this question.

2. What Are The Logistics Of The Transaction?

This will actually be multiple questions for your wedding photographer, including:

  • How do you accept payments?
  • Can I pay in installations?
  • What is your cancellation policy?
  • Do you require a deposit, and if so, how much is it?

3. Have You Done My Style Of Wedding Before?

Depending on what your cultural background is, you may have a different style of wedding compared to what the wedding photographer is used to. It’s important to ask if they have any experience shooting your style of wedding before as it can make a major difference.

Someone who is well versed in your culture’s traditions will know which portions of the wedding and day are the most important to get pictures of. If your photographer doesn’t have any experience in your style of wedding, they may miss out on some crucial moments. You’ll want to get the perfect ceremony photos, so let them know what you’re thinking and if they’re able to provide it for you.

It’s also important to relay to the photographer where your venue is, and how many guests you’re expecting. If you’re having a larger-than-normal wedding, they may be inexperienced and will require a heads-up. On the other hand, they may have already shot at your wedding venue before, which will be a plus for you!

can we see some of your work - wedding photographer

4. Can We See Your Work?

This is one of the most important questions you need to ask. You’ll want to see what the photographer’s work looks like to see if it matches what you are envisioning your wedding day. You may see their work and not like it.

Getting a sense of their style and how they operate will go a long way towards getting your pictures exactly how you want them. You can also ask to see some of their work from various engagement photo locations. The engagement photo session is a little bit different, and you’ll want to see if they are able to capture that type of moment.

5. Pricing

Of course this is going to come up. It’s one of the biggest investments in the wedding. Ask your wedding photographer if they offer any specific packages. Similarly, you’ll also want to know what types of extra charges they may have for specific requests. Ask them if you’re able to customize any packages that they have, and find out if their pricing includes engagement photos and/or rehearsals.

pricing - wedding photographer

6. Photo Prints And More

Most wedding photographers will do the printing themselves, but it’s still important to find out if you’re able to get the photo prints directly from them or if you’ll need to go somewhere else.

It’s also important to find out how long the photographer will take before they get the photos back to you. There have been disaster stories of photographers taking more than six months to get the photos back! Knowing the approximate wait time beforehand will prepare you for what to expect.

Find out exactly what you’re getting from them when you purchase the prints. What type of editing are they doing? You don’t want someone who goes a little too crazy.

Putting a beautiful photo album together is important. See what types of albums the photographer offers, and if it fits what you’re looking for. There are so many different photo album options out there, it’s good to research the various styles and see what suits your taste the most.


More than likely, you’re going to sit down with any prospective wedding photographer to get a feel for them. Going in without having some questions in mind will only cause you more work and trouble down the road. Being prepared with an idea of what you want should allow you to have a smooth process in finding the perfect wedding photographer for you. Good luck!