No Wedding Planner? No Problem! 5 Tips For Planning Your Own Wedding

Planning a wedding is a big challenge, which is why many people choose to enlist the help of a professional wedding planner. And while wedding planners can be a big help, their services can also consume a huge chunk of your event budget.

Thankfully, you don’t have to have a wedding planner in order to have a great wedding. With a positive, dedicated mindset, you can do just about all the work a professional planner would do. And to help you out, the team at Signature Banquet Hall is providing some helpful tips and advice on how to plan your own wedding.

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1. Start With Your Budget & Guest List

You can’t just dive headfirst into the wedding planning process. You’ll need a starting point, and it makes the most sense to start with your budget and guest list. Determining the approximate size of your wedding will help you decide how much you can spend, and once you know how much you should expect to spend you can begin researching and contacting potential wedding venues, catering services, and other vendors.

2. Research Your Potential Wedding Vendors

Once you have a budget in place, you can start reaching out to different wedding vendors. It might be tempting to pick the first vendor that meets your needs, but it’s important to do deep research on potential vendors. Their services can make or break your wedding, and you need to make sure they can actually live up to what they promise.

It’s easy for a wedding vendor to have a nice website, or to be cordial during a meeting. But to get a real sense of how they operate, you’ll want to dive deep into online reviews and retrieve references from previous clients. You need to know how they’ve handled past weddings, and if they’re actually as great as they appear. This is the kind of research a professional wedding planner would do for you, and while it might seem like extra work you’ll be glad you got the extra info come your wedding day.

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3. Be Careful With Hiring Friends & Family

When planning your own wedding, it seems like a no-brainer to enlist the help of family and friends. Whether you just need some extra assistance or are enlisting a family business to provide wedding services, what started as an obvious solution could backfire.

Your help is bound to be emotionally invested in your wedding, and that could actually hinder their work. They might be too willing to do whatever you request, lacking the outside perspective neutral help can provide. Or your close, casual relationship might make them think that they don’t have to take their commitment to help seriously. In the end, be careful when considering family and friends as wedding help.

4. Stay Organized

Wedding planning is a complex job. You’ll be dealing with multiple vendors, establishing different contracts with each, and will likely need to make constant minor adjustments to your plans and budget. And that’s why you’ll need to stay organized along the way.

You can keep things organized in notebooks if you’d like, but its even better to go with digital tools. Consider using something like Google Docs, that way you can easily access all your wedding plans on your computer or phone via Gmail.

5. Keep Things In Perspective

Regardless of how hard you try, no wedding is going to be completely perfect. You’ll need to make plenty of compromises along the way which could impact your wedding dreams. But throughout the planning process, you need to remember to keep things in perspective. Your research and negotiations will help you find a great wedding venue, delicious catering, wonderful entertainment, and more. Sure, it might not all be what you pictured in your head, but in the end the most important part is the chance to share your love with your spouse, friends, and family. Nobody will notice if some of the small details aren’t perfect, because they’ll be having such a great time at your event.

Planning a wedding without a professional wedding planner is difficult, but your dedication and careful planning will surely result in a memorable event. If you’re looking for a wedding venue in Los Angeles, be sure to consider Signature Banquet Hall. Our event venue offers stunning and affordable accommodations, allowing us to service weddings of any budget. Be sure to contact Signature Banquet Hall today for more information on booking and availability.